About Us

Flex Keepers Exists to automate the entrepreneurial process.

FlexKeepers exist to help automate the entrepreneur. We provide a flexible option to keep that “many hat” department running.
We help small businesses grow without the burden of back office overhead.
Our goal is to provide a remote, all hands on deck, team-based solution to administrative and accounting support to provide the serial entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, start-up or mid-sized business the opportunity to scale.
We bestow ample time in the day for the business owner to focus on growing their business as they always envisioned. Anchored in South Florida, we are highly involved in supporting local businesses, as well as national corporations that align with our values.

Meet our Founder!

Jodi Plett.

FlexKeeper’s Founder, Jodi Plett, experienced an ‘aha moment’ when she was working with high level executives.
After streamlining remote working solutions and organizing executives’ workflows, she realized that she would like to help automate small businesses to help them scale. She organized the company to help small to mid-sized business owners thrive, to carry out their dreams, and to never miss a beat.
FlexKeepers exist to automate the entrepreneurial process.

Not just your vendor, we are your partner.

Let us introduce you to our expert keepers.


Executive Admin

Rachel came on board in the beginning of 2021. She graduated from Florida State University.  She helps run Flexkeeper’s social media accounts.  She’s instrumental in keeping FlexKeeper’s always hectic calendars.



Systems Administrator

Ben joined FlexKeeper in 2021 when he was tasked with putting FlexKeeper’s workflows in place.  He graduated from Florida State University.  He currently helps maintain FlexKeepers internal programs as well as helping assist with FlexKeepers growing technical needs.  He’s also an Excel wizard.




Jason, Certified FlexKeeper Husband and Accountant. He received his CPA license in 2000 and recently in 2023 came on board full time with the company to help manage the burgeoning tax business as well, as bringing his financial expertise to the table.  Jason graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University and has spent his career in the real estate and IT industries.



Bookkeeping Associate

Irene was one of Flexkeepers first hires and has been with the company for over 9 years.  When she’s not dealing with FlexKeepers onsite clients, she’s an avid golfer.  She also loves spending time with her husband globetrotting around the world.



Bookkeeping Associate

Monica recently joined the FlexKeeper team full time to take the lead on their monthly bookkeeping clients.  She helps manage the Jr. associates.  When she’s not crunching numbers, she loves talking about her children who work in the movie business in California.  Monica grew up in Michigan.



Jr. Bookkeeping Associate

Maddie joined the FlexKeeper team to develop her accounting skills after graduating from college.  She is currently majoring in Business Administration and Supervision and is important in taking care of the many tasks around the FlexKeeper ecosystem.  When she’s not handling special high priority projects, she’s an avid computer gamer.



Jr. Bookkeeping Associate

Bryce joined the FlexKeeper team as an intern in high school with a goal of learning the “accounting career”.  Bryce is currently enrolled at Florida Atlantic University to studying Communication and Broadcasting with a goal to work in the sports industry.

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