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We embody the essence of simplicity + flexibility.

FlexKeeper is a secret wing that stays at work later, multi-tasking our hearts out for you, the serial entrepreneur. We are your partner in crime, helping carve out 8 more hours in your work day, as well as finding solutions to help you scale your small to medium sized company.
We want our clients to experience having a working relationship that thrives.

“My true competition is the business owner. We all think we can do everything.”

FlexKeeper Founder, Jodi Plett

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Our Services

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Our experienced financial experts provide industry-specific solutions to meet your business needs.
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Our up-to-date team ensures accurate financial guidance for informed decision-making. 

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Need your personal and business tax returns completed? JPlett, Inc. will assist you with this.
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From business owner to business owner, we give a helping hand. We are here to provide you with our recommendations on any situation you may need advice on.

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If you are not ready to utilize bookkeeping services, we can set QuickBooks up for you and teach you how to get started.
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workflow solutions

Our specialty is to create processes that streamline your business efficiently. We use our knowledge of resources to guide you.
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social media administrator

We coordinate and create future posts to promote your company on Instagram and Facebook. We also keep your company’s profile up to date.

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We streamline your tasks by handling customer payments through reminders, invoicing, payment processing, and more. Making your job easier is our priority.
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Payroll Administration

We are here to assist you with the little things in life, such as filing.
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business development

Analytically and strategically, we are a stable foundation to benefit your business in growing and improving.
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bill paying

Don’t have time to worry about paying bills? Let us take care of it, we will organize your bills to be paid on time.
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Magicians make things disappear quickly, and so do we. As a FlexKeeper, we quickly disappear your daily workload.

Not just your vendor, we are your partner.

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